Holiday Lighting
For Business

Light Up your Business for the Holiday Season!

Want to attract more customers this Christmas?

Lighting up your storefront and roofline is a great way to attract more attention to your business, especially as each day gets colder and each evening darkens even earlier!

We provide top quality lighting installations that make your business stand out! By using magnet lights or low profile clips (depending on the building material of your business), ensuring that every light is perfectly straight. It also means there is no wear-and-tear on the building surface.

We offer Commercial Lighting, Window Lighting, Roof Lighting, Entrance Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Tree Lighting, Mini Lights, Bush and Shrub Lighting, Deck Lighting, Balcony Lighting.

Our rental program ensures you can get the lights exactly as you want each year without having to worry about any upfront investment in materials.

Make sure to call soon and ask about our “Early Cheer” option, which ensures your business will take priority based on how early you call and set up your appointment.

Call now for a free design and quote to brighten your business (and bottom line) this season!