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Silent Lights Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Where do you provide Christmas light installations?
We provide installations throughout the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island areas.

2.) How much are installation estimates?
Our estimates are completely free of charge, call today.

3.) How do you price your Christmas light installations?
Our Christmas light installers price our installations by the following: type and quantity of lights to install, the estimated time to complete the project or display, the available electrical options, as well as the complexity of the project.

4.) Can I receive a price quote over the phone?
Yes. If you email us a few photos of your home or the area you want us to light up we can give you an estimate. We’ve been installing lights for over 10 years in the area and are very familiar with the different types and styles of homes.

5.) Do you take the Christmas lights down at the end of the holiday season?
Yes we do. We like to start scheduling lights and display takedowns no earlier than January 2nd.

6.) Can I leave my Christmas lights up longer than January 2nd?
Yes. Although our company does have a takedown schedule, our “Christmas light installers” are not seasonal temp hires unlike other companies; because of this, we can take those lights down when you’re good and ready.

7.) How much advance notice do I need to schedule an installation?
A day or two may be fine for simple projects; however the more time our Christmas light installer has to look over your project and then fit it into our schedule the better chance our installer has of hanging your lights effectively and doing the installation right the first time.

8.) Can I schedule an emergency same day or next day service?
Our installers provide same-day installation in many areas calls to check availability, next day installation is much easier for us to accommodate with simple projects. Please note however that additional fees will be applied based on the project.

9.) Do we need to be home for the installation?
Not normally, we only would require you to be home if there is an issue with power and need to get to an outlet inside.

10.) Do your installers hang my Christmas lights or bring your own?
We can install your working lights and working displays, or we can provide them for you. We do ask that you make sure you have enough lights to complete the job and that they can be presented and used easily. Other add-ons such as extension cords we provide but once again using your own is optional.

11.) What if someone else has my lights?
If in the past you have had another company hang your Christmas lights, but would prefer to use us, no problem, give them a call let them know your friends are going to hang your Christmas lights this season, and pick them up or well be happy to pick them up for you.

12.) How to contact Silent Lights
If this information wasn’t able to answer your questions about our light installations, please give us a call toll-free (888) 808-9627, or contact us through the below form.


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